Gospel of John: Conclusion

Part One
April 24, 2022 – May 29, 2022

After several years off, we return to complete our journey through the Gospel of John, covering chapters 17–20. We encourage you to read along with us through these provocative and powerful chapters!

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Message line-up:

Recap and Preview
Pastor Scott Austin

It’s been a couple years since we last visited John’s gospel. This week, we will review the book and its key themes and preview the final three chapters, as we consider what it has to offer us as 21st century Christians and spiritual seekers.

John 1:1–14; John 20:30–31
The Lord’s Prayer
Pastor Scott Austin

Just before his arrest, Jesus prays a prayer on behalf of his disciples, current and future. As we read these words, can we receive them and reflect on our role in making them true all these centuries later?

John 17
Betrayal & Denial
Pastor Scott Austin

The story of Jesus’s arrest includes two friends who fail him: Judas, who betrays him to the Romans, and Peter, who denies his friendship altogether. A story like this invites us to imagine what it would like to be failed by our friends—or to be the friend who fails.

John 18:1–11, 15–18, 25–27
Church & State
Pastor Scott Austin

The sham trial and unjustified conviction of Jesus was a joint effort by the empire of Rome and the corrupt religious leaders of the day. How do we see religion and empire confounding the work of Jesus today?

John 18:12–14, 19–24, 28–40
King’s Cross
Pastor Scott Austin

The inscription placed above Jesus at the crucifixion identified him as the King. This was the subject of some debate among the powers that put him on the cross, but it proved to be more true than anyone could have expected at the time.

John 19:13–22
Psalms for Lament
Pastor Scott Austin

We pause our study of the Gospel of John to reflect on the many tragedies that have taken place during the past month. Opportunities for personal sharing and response were punctuated with readings and prayers from the Psalms of Lament

Psalm 31; Psalm 22

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