RAIHN Rotation

February 7th

Our next RAIHN (Family Promise of Greater Rochester) rotation begins February 7th. Due to the generosity of you and other faith communities in the Rochester Area, RAIHN has a surplus of food. There are only two families in the program at this time and RAIHN is only requesting we provide gift cards. Please sign up to donate one and mail them to New Hope Free Methodist Church at 62 Union Street, Rochester, NY, 14607.

Congregational Prayer Temp

Congregational Prayer

Thursdays 7:00am, on Zoom

Join us on Zoom Thursday mornings from 7:00-7:30am for a congregational prayer. 

We will have the opportunity to submit personal prayer requests and pray for others in our community. 

If you can't make it on Thursday please email Del, subject: prayer request. We will be happy to pray for you!