Gospel of John: Conclusion (Part Two)

Part Two
June 12, 2022 – July 10, 2022

After several years off, we return to complete our journey through the Gospel of John, covering chapters 17–20. We encourage you to read along with us through these provocative and powerful chapters!

See Part One of this series here.

Message line-up:

Mothers & Brothers
Pastor Scott Austin

In a touching moment, Jesus looked down from the cross at his best friend and his mother, connecting them to each other. It is a powerful vision of how the family of God is grown and defined through the love of the crucified Lord.

John 19:25–27
Resurrection Reactions, Part One
Pastor Scott Austin

After the resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples and others. The reactions to these experiences were mixed. How might they guide our own response to the seemingly impossible idea that Jesus lives among us?

John 20:1–23
Resurrection Reactions, Part Two
Pastor Scott Austin

We continue to look at the stories of Jesus appearing to his disciples after the resurrection, wondering what their reactions can show us about ourselves and imagining what Jesus might say to us in our surprise.

John 21:1–14, John 21:15–25
Pastor Scott Austin

The most famous reaction to the risen Christ comes from Thomas, who refused to believe Jesus was alive unless and until he could feel the holes in his body. Although Thomas earned a pejorative nickname for his skepticism, Jesus did not scold or deride him. This should be an encouragement to doubters everywhere.

John 20:24–29

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