Accessibility Team

Our purpose is to promote disability inclusion at Artisan through the elimination of physical and societal barriers.

Contact Marielle Jensen-Battaglia at to get involved.

Care Project

This team exists to care for those within the Artisan community, whether that means meals after a new baby or surgery, rides after a car accident, or shoveling a driveway for an elderly parishioner. Please feel free to share any needs.

Contact Sarah Peers at to get involved.


OK, so we probably take our coffee a little too seriously. Organically sourced, locally roasted, brewed to perfection, etc. If you like coffee, helping people wake up for worship, or just serving behind the counter, you could join our rotation of coffee volunteers.

Contact Seth Palmer at to get involved.


This ministry takes care of our building, grounds, and everything in between. It may not be the most visible, but it’s important work!

Contact Doug Barlett at to get involved.

Graphic Design Team

Our Graphic Design Team develops the visuals for sermon series, events, our website, and occasional special items such as t-shirts, glassware, mugs, and the like.

Contact Brian D'Angelo at to get involved.

Hospitality and Welcome

Our hospitality team fosters community and peace by making Artisan a welcoming place.

Contact Del Ippolito at to get involved.


Our Justice team seeks redemption and works to bring restorative change to our community, relationships, and world.

Learn more about they work they do on the Social Justice page.

Contact the team at to get involved.

Live Sound

Are you technologically inclined, have an ear for music, and interested in helping Artisan’s many talented musicians sound their best on Sundays? If so, you might want to inquire about joining our live sound team. We mix on a wireless, iPad-equipped Roland digital soundboard. Training is available!

Contact Todd Chamberlain at to get involved.

Music & Liturgy

Music is a huge part of our life together. If you are a musician who is passionate and capable, and you want to be involved with the musical artistry at Artisan, get in touch. This team is also seeking to develop a team of people who can participate in the verbal portions of the service: welcoming the congregation, leading prayers, reading scripture, etc.

Contact Scott Austin at to get involved.


Changing the world—one prayer at a time—our prayer team provides personalized prayer during every service, collects prayer requests, and keeps the church in prayer throughout the week.

Contact the Prayer team at to get involved.


Everyone likes to eat! If you’re a great cook, or just want to help people feel welcome at church, let us know!

Contact Tracey Austin at to get involved.

Video Projection

Artisan “projectionists” are focused, dedicated individuals with a good attention to detail. They also get to serve in the hallowed quiet of our vaunted Tech Loft! Our visuals are projected on screen using ProPresenter software. Training is available!

Contact Aaron Sevedge at to get involved.