The Why and How of Work

May 1, 2011 – May 15, 2011

Have you ever wondered why you toil away at a meaningless job? Have you ever wished God would give you more direction about where you should work? In this two-week miniseries, we will help you to reconsider how you look at your job, your faith, and what (if anything) the two have to do with one another.

Message line-up:

The Why of Work
Pastor Scott Austin

Why do we work at all? What does the Bible say about work? If we can answer these two questions, it will help us understand how we ought to work.

The How of Work
Pastor Scott Austin

Once we know why we work, we can begin to think about how we work: Where should we get a job? For how many hours and how much pay? And is there any hope of honoring God from a cube farm?

Working Overtime
Pastor Scott Austin

We had so much good discussion about work that we decided to give it an extra week! This third message will focus on the joy of work, and on finding meaningful ways to live out our faith in the workplace.

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