Work of the People

Liturgy as Community
Oct. 30, 2022 – Nov. 20, 2022

One definition of liturgy is “the work of the people.” We will begin this series with a completely improvised worship service, followed by a few weeks of lectionary-based readings and teachings, which we will seek to implement with maximum congregational participation.

Message line-up:

Clean Slate Sunday

What would happen if we showed up for worship and nothing was prepared?

Ownership and Eternity
Pastor Scott Austin

When some people tried to draw Jesus into their religious debate, he did what he always did: he redefined the question and called them to something deeper.

The End (Was) Near
Dr. Kristen Brown, Leadership Team Chair

Jesus sometimes spoke with the alarming voice of the prior prophets of Israel, predicting calamity and dire circumstances for God’s faithful. It is tempting to assign these predictions to our own time, but there might be a simpler explanation.

Woe to the Bad Shepherds
Pastor Scott Austin

When religious leaders fail their people, God promises to deal with them—and also promises the people that there will be a good shepherd, that he is the head of the church, and that all will find refuge.

Pastor Scott Austin

The Work of the People Continued

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