What is the Church?

(and what it’s not)
May 22, 2011 – June 26, 2011

An exploration of what happens when “failed Christians” gather to live out their calling together. We’ll approach the topic theologically as well as practically, and we’ll have special guests speakers and events throughout. Don’t miss it!

Message line-up:

Who is the Church?
Pastor Scott Austin

If you think about it, “What is the Church?” is the wrong question. The church is alive! To kick off this series, we will talk about the people who make up the body of Christ.

The Fellowship of the Saints
The people of Artisan Church

We’ll live out the truth of our fellowship together with an Artisan tradition: the Fifth Sunday Festival. Great music, inspiring personal stories, and a fantastic potluck lunch afterward.

Sibling Rivalry
Pastor Scott Austin

We often fall short of the biblical idea of the church as one body. How has the church dealt with controversy and dissent, both historically and in recent days? More importantly, what can we learn from our past that might draw us closer in the future?

Acts 15
Seeds Among Weeds
Liz Irvine

One of Jesus’ most famous parables suggests that the seeds of faith sometimes grow among weeds that threaten to choke and kill. Liz Irvine will bring a profound message about how the people of the church must be willing to make the difficult transition from childhood belief to adult faith.

Mark 4:1-20
Commissioning for Mission

A special commissioning service for two Artisans who are leaving for three years of incredible work in Asia. (Audio is available upon request. (outdated email link redacted) if you would like to hear it.)

Greetings From the Ugandan Church
Pastor George Nsamba

The church is a worldwide body, and we’re thrilled to hear a message from Pastor George Nsamba, who pastors our brothers and sisters in Uganda.

What is the Pastor?
Pastor Scott Austin

The old joke says that pastors only work one day a week. In this message, Pastor Scott will share about his personal calling to ministry and who a pastor is and what a pastor does (and does not do) in the church.

What is Artisan Church?
Pastor Scott Austin and Anna Valeria-Iseman

After talking for several weeks about what the church is and ought to be, we’ll bring it close to home with a message about the particular calling and unique vision and values of Artisan Church.

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