Walk the Line

A Music & Message Invite Series
May 4, 2008 – May 25, 2008

Somewhere between the extremes lies the elusive middle ground. Are we to seek balance or revel in the tension?

Mixing the sounds of The Civil Rights Movement, The Black Crowes, and Over the Rhine, with the timeless insights of scripture. You’re invited to this music infused series, with a fresh soundtrack each week!

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Message line-up:

Silence & Violence
Pastor Jason Condon

Featuring the music and sound of The Civil Rights Movement (Magic Jesus Bus leading worship at both services).

Sacred & Secular
Pastor Brian Haak

Featuring the music and sound of The Black Crowes (Electric Funkhammer leading worship both services).

Pleasure & Pain
Pastor Scott Austin

Featuring the music and sound of Over The Rhine (Saint Brigid’s Lake leading worship both services).

Questions & Answers
Pastoral Staff

BBQ&A with the entire pastoral staff. Bring your questions, your appetite, and an acoustic instrument if you’re so inclined (for an informal Jam Session!)

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