The Church in the World

Celebrating the Global Church
July 17, 2022 – Aug. 7, 2022

The church of Jesus is a family that stretches all the way around the globe. As American Christians, we will be impoverished if we do not hear from our siblings from other cultures and continents. During this series, we will have several opportunities to hear about how God is at work in ways we could not imagine.

Message line-up:

Carolyn and Ryan Klejment-Lavin

We are excited to welcome Artisans Carolyn and Ryan Klejment-Lavin (for the first time in several years!) to hear a report about their work supporting missions work in Asia.

Jess Alinaitwe

Our ministry partners from the Ugandan Water Project join us with an exciting and engaging message about the life-saving work that is happening in Uganda, and how it is a natural extension of God’s love.

Citizenship Tests
Rebeka Fergusson-Lutz

As we think about the Church in the world, and particularly Artisan Church at work in the world, it's important for us to parse out the aspects of our faith that have been shaped by U.S. culture. In this sermon, Becka will encourage us to consider the cultural lens through which we look at God and the church. How has our narrative of Christianity been influenced by our cultural, political, and economic narratives as citizens and/or residents of the United States?

Where Do You Direct Your Faith?
Ville Anttila

Artisan’s most distant member all the way from Finland, Ville Anttila, joins us in person to share a message and a testimony. What should the direction of our faith be, when a "traditional view of faith" can at the same time prop up some people while slowly killing others?

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