Signs of Faith, Part Three

Experiencing John’s Gospel
Jan. 6, 2013 – Jan. 27, 2013

The gospel of John is a fascinating telling of the life of Jesus. It contains unique stories, emphasizing the divinity of Jesus with stories of the miraculous signs he performed. We’re going to study the entire book together, a few weeks at a time.

Message line-up:

The Second Sign
Pastor Scott Austin

In this passage, Jesus performs the second of seven “Signs of Faith,” the healing of a royal official’s son.

John 4:46-54
The Third Sign
Pastor Scott Austin

The third “Sign of Faith” is the healing of a paralytic, but it causes great controversy because Jesus performs it on the Sabbath.

John 5:1-18
The Father and the Son
Pastor Scott Austin

In this story, Jesus speaks at length about his relationship with God the Father, a deeply important theological reality for Christians to understand.

John 5:19-29
How Will You Believe?
Pastor Scott Austin

Jesus continues to press his hearers, both his followers and his detractors, to accept the truth he is speaking about himself. The questions he asks of them, he also asks of you.

John 5:30-47

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