On the Road With Jesus

Traveling With the Teacher
Oct. 6, 2019 – Nov. 24, 2019

Wherever Jesus went, crowds of people followed him. Some were skeptics; some were zealots; some were merely curious. Regardless of where you are on that spectrum, we invite you to tag along for a while as we imagine ourselves to be traveling disciples.

Message line-up:

Increase Our Faith
Pastor Scott Austin

In this introductory sermon, we begin to think about what it means to “travel with the Teacher”, especially when we find his lessons difficult to understand or accept.

Luke 17:5–10
The Ten Lepers
Pastor Scott Austin

On his way to Jerusalem, Jesus healed ten men at once. Only one showed gratitude. But the story has many other interesting aspects, leaving us with lots to ponder as we sort out its meaning for today.

Luke 17:11–19
The Widow and the Judge
Pastor Scott Austin

Jesus told his disciples a parable about a widow who petitioned a judge for justice against an opponent. As we try to apply this teaching to our time, we ask ourselves who each of these characters represents, and which one we most resemble.

Luke 18:1–8
Competitive Prayer
Dinner With a Tax Collector
Stress Testing the Law
An Ominous Prediction
The Crucified King

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