Reimagining Evangelism
April 27, 2014 – June 1, 2014

The version of evangelism most of us are familiar with seems like an act of violence: imposing our beliefs and calling down hell upon our friends and family. It seems completely disconnected from the “good news” that Jesus commanded us to share and which gave his followers such meaning and hope. In this series, we will look at stories of evangelism and conversion in the Bible and Christian history, finding that they aren’t all like the picture in our head.

Message line-up:

Could He Be the One?
Pastor Scott Austin

The earliest forms of evangelism occur in the Gospels, before people even fully knew who Jesus was! These early accounts are inspiring, especially for those who share their stories from a place of uncertainty.

John 4, John 9
The Synagogue and the Marketplace
Pastor Scott Austin

The early apostles began their quest to spread the gospel in the synagogues: the places where devout people were already gathered. Only later did they evangelize in the secular “marketplace”. What would it look like to practice evangelism in the church?

To an Unknown God
Pastor Scott Austin

One of the most striking accounts of gospel-sharing is the story of Paul preaching to the Athenians. In order to explain Christ to them, he refers to one of their idols and quotes pagan poetry! This example might be especially helpful to those who feel called to reach their “spiritual but not religious” friends.

Acts 17
Living with your Eyes Wide Open
Dr. Kristina LaCelle-Peterson

We take a brief break from the topic of evangelism to hear from Dr. Kristina LaCelle-Peterson, professor of religion at Houghton College, give a wonderful sermon about our need to live mindfully of God’s involvement in our lives but also to our responsibility to pay attention to what’s happening in the world.

Memorial Day BBQ&A

For the weekend of Memorial Day, we’re reviving an old Artisan tradition: a “BBQ&A”. What’s a BBQ&A? Well, it’s exactly what you think: It’s a BBQ and a Q&A. We’ll have a great question and answer session during the service, and afterwards we’ll celebrate the unofficial start of summer with a fantastic cookout! Bring a dessert, side, or drink—we’ll provide the burgers and dogs.

We Are All Witnesses
Pastor Scott Austin

In his last words on earth, Jesus told his disciples, “You will be my witnesses”. But what does it mean to be a witness? How can we fulfill this calling in our present day context?

Acts 1:1-8

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