Our Next Decade: Beauty

Reaffirming our foundational values
Oct. 18, 2015 – Nov. 1, 2015

As we look ahead to our second decade as a church, we recognize that we also need to look back: to the foundational values God placed on our hearts when our church was planted. In this series, we examine the value of Beauty, seeking to understand what it means, how we have lived it out so far, and how we can live it out in Our Next Decade.

Message line-up:

Pagan Beauty
Pastor Scott Austin

Three brief biblical stories with lessons about Beauty launch us into a Q&A about this elusive value.

Beauty in Tension
Pastor Scott Austin

Celebrating Beauty can come with many challenges and costs, including to some of our other values. How can we navigate these tensions—in the Way of Jesus?

Liturgy of Beauty
Pastor Scott Austin

A whole service filled with art and music, celebrating Beauty and its place in our faith and shared life.

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