My Faith Won’t Fit (On A Bumper Sticker)

Sept. 9, 2012 – Oct. 14, 2012

Our faith in Jesus is so expansive, so wide-ranging, so huge, that it will not fit in any of the containers we might want to store it in. Can we possibly grasp it? Come find out during this provocative teaching series, perfect for inviting friends who are skeptical of faith!

Tell us how your faith doesn’t fit the norm: #myfaithwontfit

Message line-up:

Bumper Sticker Faith
Pastor Scott Austin

In the first week of this series, we will talk about the popular understanding of Christianity (from outside and inside the Church!) as something small and narrow, and how that differs from the biblical description of our faith as having an incredible “breadth and length and height and depth!”

Mark 2:21–22, Ephesians 3:18–19
A “Bullet"proof Faith (My Faith Won’t Fit on a List)
Pastor Scott Austin

It’s common practice within American Christianity for churches to publish statements of faith, in the form of very specific lists about what they do and don’t believe. Artisan Church does not publish any such statement of faith, choosing instead to affirm the historic consensual creeds of Christianity. This message will explain that it is Jesus, not doctrine that defines who we are.

1 Corinthians 2:2
Of God and Country (My Faith Won’t Fit on the Flag)
Pastor Scott Austin

With election season upon us, we are being bombarded with political rhetoric that seeks to shore up our support for this or that candidate or organization. But Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world.” This message will call us away from the idolatry of nationalism and politicism, and toward total allegiance to the King of Kings.

John 18:36–38
Our Faith Won’t Fit Indoors (Fifth Sunday Festival)
Actions speak louder than words

For our Fifth Sunday Festival, we’re hitting the streets! After a brief gathering time, we’ll go outside the doors of our building and serve our neighbors in as many ways as we can. (Dress appropriately!) Then we’ll return to debrief over our traditional Fifth Sunday potluck

Worshiping An Uncontainable God (My Faith Won’t Fit God)
Pastor Scott Austin

We’ll conclude our series with another great Artisan tradition: turning everything on its head! No matter how clever and original we may think we are, God is bigger than we could ever imagine or describe. But how do you worship an uncontainable God?

Ephesians 3:18–19
Greetings From Southeast Asia

This message will be provided by our friends, who are serving with Food for the Hungry in southeast Asia. (You might say their faith won’t fit in the U.S.!) Audio available upon request.

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