Lenten Jubilee

Rebuilding a Life Together
March 6, 2022 – April 10, 2022

This Lenten season, we add to the traditional readings by considering the Hebrew Bible idea of Jubilee: a complete reset of life together that God commanded every 50 years. In this time of transition, we should take the opportunity to decide together which of the old ways we should carry forward, and which we should let go.

Message line-up:

Pastor Scott Austin

An introduction to the biblical concept of Jubilee, and an explanation of why it might be appropriate for the season of Lent—at least this year.

Leviticus 25:8-13
L.T. Conversation

A conversation about life together with a panel of Artisans.

A Fig Tree in a Vineyard
Pastor Scott Austin

A peculiar parable by Jesus about a tree that can’t produce fruit gives us hope after a season that has often seemed fruitless, and maybe even pointless.

Luke 13:6–9
New Things for Those Who Hate Change
Pastor Scott Austin

The story of God’s people includes many turning points: new revelations, new realizations, and grace upon grace. But God’s people have not always responded well to these changes. Are we ready for what God is making new, or are we too committed to the status quo to see it?

Joshua 5:9-12, Isaiah 43:16-21, Rev. 21:5
Temptation Comes at the End
Pastor Scott Austin

The famous Gospel story of the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness offers a hint to how the forces of evil work: it is only at the very end of Jesus’s time of wilderness and deprivation, just when he is about to “go back to normal,” that he is truly tempted.

Luke 4:1–13
Palm Sunday: A Triumph of Misunderstanding
Pastor Scott Austin

Sometimes, God gives the people what they want, but not in the way they were expecting. The triumphal entry into Jerusalem is a classic example: Jesus enters as a conquering king, not on a war horse and wielding a sword but on a donkey and prepared to die.

Luke 19:28-40

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