Journeying with John

Signs of Faith, Part Eleven
June 18, 2017 – July 23, 2017

At Artisan, we’ve been studying the book of John in 4-5 week chunks for a few years. We resume this piece by piece study of John’s Gospel in June!

Message line-up:

Peace On Our Way
Pastor Scott Austin

After promising the Holy Spirit, Jesus offers his disciples peace: a peace that he reassures them will remain even after he has left them. We all need the reassurance of Christ’s peace when he seems absent!

John 14:27–31
The One True Vine
Pastor Scott Austin

We abide in Jesus not merely for our own comfort but that we might bear much fruit and glorify the Father.

John 15:1–11
Fruit That Will Last
Pastor Scott Austin

Jesus continues his discourse about fruitfulness with his disciples, repeating the central teaching of self-sacrificial love and promising the support of the Father.

John 15:12–17
If the World Hates You (Pt. 1)
Pastor Scott Austin

(Special note: this is an abbreviated sermon that only begins to cover the topic. We extended the topic to the following week.)

John 15:18–27
If the World Hates You (Pt. 2)
Pastor Scott Austin

The conversation takes an alarming turn as Jesus begins to warn his disciples about the persecution they will endure. But again, he promises the Holy Spirit will come to their aid.

John 15:18–27
Guest Sermon: Denis Johnson - Hope While Jesus is Absent
Denis Johnson

Shortly before Jesus would be arrested and crucified, he reiterated to his disciples that he would be physically absent from them. Despite this confusing and devastating news, John 16 records Jesus’ encouragement to the disciples as he promised of the Spirit, proclaimed the efficacy of prayer and predicted the future hope for victory.

John 16

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