How to Read the Bible

(like a Christian)
June 12, 2016 – June 26, 2016

As Christians, we dedicate ourselves to the study of the Bible. But how ought we approach it? In this series, we will look at the ways Jesus and Paul used their Bible (the Jewish scriptures), and we’ll also hear from a modern rabbi about how the Bible is interpreted in the tradition within which Christianity was born.

Message line-up:

How to Read the Bible Like Jesus

Jesus’ teachings were soaked in the Hebrew scriptures, often taking the form of direct quotations that Jesus explained in a new way. If we are to read the Bible as his followers, we must follow his way of reading the Bible.

Grieving with Orlando

Rather than press on with the intended topic for this day (reading the Bible like the Apostle Paul), we paused to offer a space for lament and grief following the mass shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Orlando. Portions of this time are included in the podcast, but we edited out the personal sharing in order to keep our space as safe as possible.

How to Read the Bible Like a Rabbi

Rabbi Kelly Levy from Temple B’rith Kodesh joins us for a conversation with Pastor Scott about the Jewish way of reading the Bible and how it compares with our Christian approach.

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