Recovering a Lost Art
July 15, 2012 – Aug. 5, 2012

The Christian tradition has a rich history of practicing hospitality as a spiritual discipline. But we may have lost our way when it comes to the modern practice of hospitality, where we look more to the example of TLC and HGTV than to Jesus. In this series, we’ll try to find our way back, learning how to be hospitable not only as individuals, but as a church community.

Message line-up:

Hospitality at Home
Pastor Scott Austin with the Ippolitos

The first step in recovering the lost art of hospitality is to learn how to practice it in our individual lives. We’ll hear some great advice on how to do that from Del and Mark Ippolito, who hold a weekly open-invitation dinner in their home.

A Tradition of Hospitality
Pastor Scott Austin

To continue the series, we will look together at the history and practice of the discipline of hospitality: its basis in Hebrew culture and of course in the biblical text.

My First Day at Artisan (Fifth Sunday Festival stories)
The People of Artisan Church

Stories of people’s experiences when they first visited Artisan Church. How hospitable were we the first time you attended?

Hospitality in the Church
Pastor Scott Austin

In the final message of this series, we put all the pieces together and look at how we can be the hospitable community that God has called us to be, one that extends our value of community to all.

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