Gradual Light

emerging from darkness
Jan. 9, 2022 – Feb. 6, 2022

The winter solstice is behind us. The days are getting longer. But it will be quite a while before there is noticeably more light in our region. This is a useful metaphor for how we understand our Christian faith as people who follow the Light of the World.

Message line-up:

Having an Epiphany
Pastor Scott Austin

“Epiphany” is a holy day on the Christian calendar, but it’s also a word used to describe a momentary realization—seeing the light. It is important to seek out these moments, notice them when they occur, and learn from them.

Living an Epiphany
Pastor Scott Austin

Having one big epiphany is not enough to sustain a healthy spiritual life. Instead, we can find value in shifting our expectations toward a gradual, ongoing revelation: a life lived in the posture of seeing the light.

Being an Epiphany
Pastor Scott Austin

Once we have “seen the light” and allowed Jesus to change us, we may occasionally have the privilege of providing light to others. We should bear this responsibility with humility and gentleness.

Reclaiming the Darkness
Pastor Scott Austin

(God works in the darkness, too.)

Stories of Darkness and Light

Sharing time led by Leadership Team members.

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