God in the Darkness

Awakening to Advent
Dec. 1, 2019 – Dec. 22, 2019

As the world around us lights up for Christmas, we are met with the expectations of peace, hope, and joy. Yet we are all too aware that these virtues are lacking in the world. The season of Advent invites us into that tension, because it points us to the eventual source of peace, hope, and joy: Jesus, Emmanuel: God with us.

Message line-up:

Finding Peace in a Dark Place
Pastor Scott Austin

We all long for the day when we find peace in our city and in our world, when nations are not at war, and when justice prevails. How then should we live while we wait for that day to arrive?

Hoping in a Stump
Pastor Scott Austin

The world can seem like a hopeless place. Yet just like when saplings emerge from the stump of a tree, new life can grow out of that which seems dead. Let us hope in the promises of God!

A Desert That Rejoices
Pastor Scott Austin
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How do we find joy in the midst of sorrow? Patience in desperation? The same way we find faith in the midst of doubt: with grit, perseverance, trust, and a willingness to get our hands dirty.

Pastor Scott Austin

In a world that seems more apocalyptic with each passing day, it would be easy to become infatuated with signs that the end is near. But God is with us now. It’s time to wake up from our dark dreams… and act!

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