The values that define us.
Sept. 25, 2022 – Oct. 23, 2022

For Artisan’s entire existence, our five foundational values of awe, beauty, roots, community, and justice have given us a sense of purpose and direction. Even as God has led our church to places we could never have imagined, these values have continued to be our guide along the Way of Jesus. It is time once again to examine them and imagine together how we can live them out in our present situation—and our future.

Message line-up:

Pastor Scott Austin

We are a covenantal family of authentic relationships and reconciliation in the image of God, who exists in perfect communion as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — yet one God.

Pastor Scott Austin

We are deeply rooted in the historic Christian faith as revealed in scripture and worked out in the life of God's people through the ages.

Pastor Scott Austin

We are inspired by the breathtaking artistry of our creator and seek to reflect that beauty in all we do as we co-create with him.

Pastor Scott Austin

We humbly recognize the sovereign power, reverent mystery, and gracious wonder of God, who is worthy of our worship and full devotion.

Melody Boyd, leadership team member

We are captivated by the heart of God for hurting people and a suffering creation, seeking to bring compassion to those needs and a just end to their underlying causes.

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