First Light

Spiritual Practices After a Long Night
Feb. 13, 2022 – Feb. 27, 2022

Of all the things that have been lost in the past two years, spiritual practices might be easy to overlook. Yet these same practices could help us survive and thrive in the next season of life, whatever it may bring. In this series, we will explore three simple disciplines that anyone can do as a way of waking our souls from their slumber.

Message line-up:

The Examen
Pastor Scott Austin

It could be said that all spiritual practices involve noticing one’s presence with God, and the daily examen is all about this kind of noticing. For this reason, it is our first spiritual practice; it will provide a good basis for all that follow in this series.

Centering Prayer
Pastor Scott Austin

It is so easy to get distracted in our spiritual practice. Centering Prayer teaches us to regain and return our attention in a non-judgmental way. We use images from scripture as a focal point, receiving God’s love and guidance in renewed ways.

Pastor Scott Austin

As we look ahead to the beginning of Lent, we will consider the most common Lenten spiritual practice: fasting. Whether it is a traditional food fast, or another form of voluntary self-deprivation, fasting can be a powerful practice. Yet it can also feel oppressive, and we may carry some baggage from previous attempts. One helpful key: adding in something to replace whatever you’re “giving up” for Lent.

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