Family of Abraham

Blessed to be a blessing
Oct. 26, 2014 – Nov. 23, 2014

Abraham was called by God to be the father of a “great nation” that would be the source of blessing for all the families of the earth. In the story of Abraham and his descendants, we find a great foundation for our own participation in the unfolding Story of God.

Message line-up:

Abraham’s Journey
Dr. Richard Middleton

In this opening message, biblical scholar Dr. Richard Middleton will explore how Abram’s call both fits into the larger story of humanity and the world and generates the later story of Genesis and the rest of the Bible—with implications for us today.

Genesis 12:1-3
Isaac and the Sacrifice
Pastor Scott Austin

One of the most challenging stories of Abraham’s family history is the almost-sacrifice of his son Isaac. What kind of God would ask someone to engage in child sacrifice? Can we find any grace, any hope, any justification in this story?

Genesis 22:1–18
Jacob the Deceiver
Pastor Scott Austin

Jacob, Abraham’s grandson, was given a name that means “he who deceives”, and he came to earn it, stealing his older brother’s birthright as well as his paternal blessing. And yet God carried on the story of his people through this deceiver, even renaming Jacob as “Israel”, he who struggles with God.

Genesis 25, 32
The Forgotten Son
Pastor Scott Austin

“The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob” is the common phrase we have all heard used for Yahweh, the God of Israel. Yet this phrase forgets Abraham’s first son: a son who received God’s blessing even after he received the spite of Abraham and the rest of his family. In this message, we remember Ishmael—and his mother Hagar.

Genesis 16, 21
Interfaith Panel

To conclude our series on the family of Abraham, we will host a panel discussion with representatives from the three Abrahamic faiths.

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