Deeply Rooted

Building On Our Calling
Oct. 16, 2011 – Nov. 6, 2011

Artisan Church is at a crucial moment in our history: we have the wonderful opportunity to become deeply rooted in the place where God has called us. During this four-week series, we will celebrate this opportunity and talk about how purchasing our church building will make it possible to live out our calling.

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Message line-up:

Pastor Scott Austin

Everyone loves a tree that grows good fruit. God has blessed Artisan Church with fruitful ministry over the years, and we want to do more! But without a permanent home, we can’t bear this good fruit much longer. We have to be deeply rooted if we want to continue to be fruitful.

Pastor Scott Austin

God has called us to be a shady place of safety for many weary spiritual travelers—people who don’t meet the expectations they feel church places on them. We love hearing people tell us, “I could never fit in at church… until I found Artisan.” It’s our great joy to be a place of spiritual shelter!

Pastor Scott Austin

God calls us to do incredible ministry in this city. But the simple truth is that we can’t be renters forever. For Artisan’s ministry to endure, we have to take true ownership of our building. If we are committed to sharing Christ’s love in our neighborhood, we need to sink our roots deep into the soil where God has planted us.

Pastor Scott Austin

In nature, life always leads to new life. Strong, healthy trees propagate by scattering seeds, and our church should be no different. We are called not only to do strong ministry in the present but also to multiply our ministry in the future. We are called to plant the seeds of new ministries and even new churches. And by buying our building, we can start now.

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