Deep Waters

Scripture, Prayer, and Service
Aug. 14, 2016 – Aug. 28, 2016

“Deep Waters” is the thematic thread that will carry us through the 2016–17 ministry year. In this series (and several future series, as well as our ministries as a church), we will seek to deepen our faith by developing a love of scripture, a practice of prayer, and a habit of service.

Message line-up:

A Love of Scripture and a Practice of Prayer

We engage God in two main categories of devotional activity: prayer and studying the Bible. If scripture and prayer seem like “spiritual chores”, we will get nowhere, so it is important that we learn new practices and adjust old ones in order to develop a genuine, sustainable love for God.

A Habit of Service

If scripture and prayer do not launch us out into service, we are what the Apostle Paul calls a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. As we swim into the “Deep Waters” of the spiritual life, we need to use both arms: action and contemplation.


An in-service example of our soon-to-be-launched midweek devotional gathering, which we are calling Studio.

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