Deconstruction Project

Faith for When Things Are Falling Apart
March 1, 2020 – April 5, 2020

[Services online at 11am due to COVID-19 until further notice.] For many people, it is harder with each passing day to hold on to the faith they used to hold. The experience of deconstruction can be healthy, but it can also be confusing and painful. And sometimes it can be hard to know how to move into a season of reconstruction. Wherever you are in this experience, if faith doesn’t come as easy as it used to, this series is for you.

Message line-up:

Wise Builders
Pastor Scott Austin

“The wise man built upon the rock, the foolish man upon sand.” When the storms rage and your spiritual house falls, does that make you a fool? And what is underneath all that sand, anyway?

A Prophet’s Question
Pastor Scott Austin

John the Baptist spent his entire life—literally from before he was born!—understanding himself to be tied up in the story of Jesus. And yet near the end of his life, he was in crisis and plagued by doubt. Not even being a prophet can guarantee certainty.

Anger, Pain, and God
Pastor Scott Austin

Processing the emotional aspects of deconstruction can be as hard as figuring out the spirituality of it all. We can take some reassurance from the Psalms of Lament, which legitimize the pain of religious experience.

Dreams That Demolish

Joseph had holy dreams that changed his worldview. But it put him at odds with his brothers, ultimately ripping his family apart. God’s work might hurt before it heals.

The Spirit of God vs. The Word of God
Pastor Scott Austin

The work of the Spirit is disruptive, a holy fire, a rushing wind. Sometimes, it’s even disruptive to our “biblical” understanding of God. What are we to do when the Spirit seems to lead away from the Scriptures?

When Jesus Is Unrecognizable
Pastor Scott Austin

Some disciples of Jesus, believing him to be dead, encountered him on the road. It took them a long time to realize that he was still with them, but different. We may need to learn to embrace a different vision of Jesus, too.

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