Relationships in Exile and Exodus
Sept. 13, 2020 – Oct. 18, 2020

One of Artisan’s foundational values is Community, a principle that is especially challenging to live out when we are experiencing crisis and separation. And yet, God’s people have used times of crisis and separation as a pathway to an even deeper sense of community with each other and God. It is time to look to their example.

Message line-up:

Exile and Exodus
Pastor Scott Austin

To start off our new series, we’ll spend a few minutes learning about the stories of exile and exodus in the Bible, and we’ll have some interactions about where we might go from here as we explore ways to apply these stories to our present day.

Seek the Welfare of the City
Pastor Scott Austin
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While God’s people were in exile, God spoke to them through the prophet Jeremiah and urged them to put down roots in the midst of their grief. Jeremiah’s words offer us a course of action when we feel despair from the world crashing down around us: seek the welfare of the city.

Jeremiah 29:4–7
Moving Together With No End in Sight
Pastor Scott Austin

During the Exodus, the Israelites kept moving even though they did not know when they would arrive at their destination. Despite many troubles and many mistakes, they persevered—for the sake of their community.

Emotions in Exile, Part One: Hatred and Anger
Pastor Scott Austin

It is tempting to shy away from our darkest emotional responses to a crisis. But the stories and songs of the Bible are shockingly honest about the reality of being human. Let’s process some of this together as a community.

A Plague in the Desert
Pastor Scott Austin

When the Israelites met with venomous serpents in the wilderness, they must have been reminded of the plagues in Egypt that led to their Exodus. What might they have learned about themselves? What can we learn about ourselves?

Emotions in Exile, Part Two: Hope
Pastor Scott Austin

Just as recognizing biblical examples of negative feelings is an important way to validate our humanness, so recognizing examples of hope is an important way to be drawn out into God’s good intent for humanity.

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