Bind up the Brokenhearted

An Advent series about despair and hope in our city
Nov. 30, 2014 – Dec. 21, 2014

The prophet Isaiah tells us that God wants to “bring good news to the oppressed [and] to bind up the brokenhearted”; and as people steeped in Christ’s redemption, we believe we are called to be agents of good news, healing, and hope in our city, where we still see much despair. This tension between despair and hope is our focus for Advent in 2014.

Message line-up:

Advent 1: Racism and Spiritual Gifts
Dr. Melody Boyd and Pastor Scott Austin

We will explore the despair caused by the awful legacy of institutionalized racism in our city and consider how the gifts of the Holy Spirit empower and require us to address this evil with the hope of Christ.

<a href="">Lectionary Advent B1</a>
Advent 2: Infant Mortality and Repentance
Dr. Melody Boyd and Pastor Scott Austin

We will continue to explore the despair in our city, focusing particularly on the disturbingly high rates of infant mortality, and then we will turn to scripture, hearing its call to repentance as the precursor to the advent of Jesus.

<a href="">Lectionary Advent B2</a>
Advent 3: Captivity and Rescue
Marielle Jensen-Battaglia

We will engage the lectionary texts, drawing out the biblical precedent of oppression and captivity leading to joy and rescue by Christ and applying them to a very personal story of oppression and captivity.

<a href="">Lectionary Advent B3</a>
Listen and Wait
Pastor Scott Austin

With just days remaining before Advent turns to Christmas, we will pause and reflect on all that we have heard and learned in the last three weeks, listening intently to Mary’s beautiful prayer song, The Magnificat.

<a href="">Lectionary Advent B4</a>

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