Being Christian

Artisan’s Spring Read
April 23, 2017 – May 28, 2017

Artisan’s spring read for 2017 is Archbishop Rowan Williams’s Being Christian, a lovely little book about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Copies of the book can be purchased in services for $6, or you can buy it on your own if you prefer.

Message line-up:

Baptism: A New Identity and a New Job
Pastor Scott Austin

Baptism restores a human identity that has been forgotten or overlaid. Baptism takes us to where Jesus is. But you don’t go down into the waters of the Jordan without stirring up a great deal of mud!

Bible: Where God Speaks
Pastor Scott Austin

The Bible is the territory in which Christians expect to hear God speaking. But you soon discover that what the Bible is not is a single sequence of instructions, beginning with “God says to you…”

Eucharist: Thanksgiving and Welcome
Pastor Scott Austin

When we gather as God’s guests at God’s table, the Church becomes what it is meant be: a community of strangers who have become guests together and are listening together to the invitation of God.

Prayer: Alignment With Jesus
Pastor Scott Austin

Prayer is letting Jesus “pray in you,” and beginning that lengthy and often very tough process by which our selfish thoughts and ideals and hopes are gradually aligned with his eternal action.

Reflections on Being Christian
The People of Artisan

We hear from several individuals at Artisan about their experience of reading Being Christian: realizations they came to, new understandings of their faith, and significant steps on their path to faith.

Becoming Christian (Baptism Sunday)
Pastor Scott Austin

As we conclude our series, we welcome new believers into the faith through baptism!

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