Being Artisan

Why We Do What We Do
Aug. 23, 2009 – Sept. 6, 2009

As a young growing church community, we’re continuously returning to our roots as we reach out it in new and fresh ways. Join us for this refreshing take on God’s ongoing calling for Artisan Church to, “encounter God, embrace people, and engage culture, in the way of Jesus.”

Message line-up:

Pastors Scott Austin, Jason Condon, Mike Muscarella

The Gallery quarterly gathering for members and friends of Artisan Church. God has given us much to celebrate and huge plans for Fall 2009! (fixed audio)

encounter God [Immersed]
Pastor Mike Muscarella

One of our special “immersed” worship services, this interactive, self-paced worship experience will guide individuals through various approaches to “encountering God”. With expanded time slots, you’re welcome to show up anytime between 9am-11am or 4pm-6pm. Takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete the stations (soft ending times at 12noon and 7pm).

embrace people
Pastor Jason Condon

Back to our “standard” worship service style (heh), we’ll tackle the tension of sharing and living out the Gospel as “good news.” How do we both “go and tell” and invite to “come and see” in ways that are authentic and effective? When we “embrace people,” it’s sometimes a fine line between a hug, a grope, and a stranglehold!

engage culture
Anna Valeria Palo & Tyler Gagnon

We mix it up again this week with music “in the round” and a discussion-based message time (great format for the “engage culture” topic). This also marks the launch of our new experiment with the evening worship service. Geared more specifically to those 17 and older, the 5:00pm Service will be rated M for mature.

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