How Jesus Saves Us
April 5, 2015 – May 17, 2015

Jesus saves! We hear this all the time. But what does it mean? How does it work? In this Eastertide series, we will explore what theologians call the atonement, the concept of how Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection are able to save us.

Message line-up:

Easter: A Beautiful Gospel
Pastor Scott Austin

The story of Christ’s resurrection is God’s ultimate rejection of and victory over the systems of violence that plague our world. Christ is risen—that we may be risen with Christ!

Pastor Scott Austin

When we say Jesus died for us, we often mean only that he died instead of us. But Christ’s death is so much deeper than a transactional exchange of guilt and innocence! It is a mutual identification that changes the world forever.

Wade Reed (Artisan "College of Preachers")

The atonement is a story with many contours and dimensions. Yet we often find ourselves only talking about Jesus’ wrongful execution. The ascension, one of the most-often neglected parts of the story, spoke loudly in the life of the early Church and still does.

Imagery and Analogy
Pastor Scott Austin

Perhaps the most important factor to keep in mind when reading scripture in order to understand the atonement is that all the biblical atonement language is steeped in metaphor and analogy. But this should excite and inspire us!

Stories of Being Challenged by God

Since Easter, we’ve been digging deep into the depths of theology and our understanding of the work of Jesus. It’s been pretty intense! This week, we pause for a time of reflection and introspection before we continue with our series.

Atoned By Love
Pastor Scott Austin

Obeying the teaching and example of Jesus to practice radical love could change the world—perhaps even save the world.

A Jewish Atonement
Pastor Scott Austin

We conclude our series on the atonement with a look at how Christian atonement theology is informed by Jewish systems of sacrifice, Passover, and priestly ritual.

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