Artisan: A Parable

Pastoral Residency: Kristen Brown
July 21, 2019 – Aug. 25, 2019

When the disciples wanted to know what God’s kingdom was like, Jesus told them stories about planting seeds, weeding gardens, and catching fish. What if we thought of church as a parable? What if someone asked, “what is the kingdom of God like?” and the answer was, “The kingdom of God is like this church on South Clinton Ave.” Over these six weeks, we’ll explore the kingdom parables of Jesus and imagine together how Artisan can be a parable that communicates the Kingdom of God to the people of Rochester.

Message line-up:

Mustard Seeds
Kristen Brown

Kicking off our series on the parables, this week we’ll consider the significance of small things in our lives and community that become signs of the kingdom.

Being Found
Kristen Brown

Three parables in Luke 15 tell the story of being lost and being found. How do we know when we are lost, and what does it look like to be found by God? How do we become a community of the lost and found?

The Kingdom of Mercy
Kristen Brown

We are welcomed into God’s kingdom by the mercy of God. God’s mercy is to be a characteristic of our lives and our communities.

Daily Bread
Kristen Brown

In God’s kingdom, all people have dignity.

Becoming Neighbors
Kristen Brown

Sometimes we’re the Samaritan, sometimes we’re the guy on the side of the road.

Stand Your Ground
Kristen Brown

Our final parable offers a picture of the long road to justice.

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