A Beautiful Gospel

Glad tidings for Eastertide 2016
March 27, 2016 – April 17, 2016

We use the word “gospel” as a catch-all term for God’s saving work through Jesus. The gospel is supposed to be good news, but often we define the gospel with despair, anger, and even violence. In this Easter season, we will focus on the deep beauty of the gospel: God’s goodness and mercy, the beauty of Christ’s sacrifice, and the marvelous peace that we have when we rest in his love.

Message line-up:

Good News and Bad News
Pastor Scott Austin

The literal meaning of “gospel” is “message”. If a messenger arrived with news about how the world is different because of Jesus, would that news be good or bad? What kind of message do we carry?

The Sheep and the Shepherd
Pastor Scott Austin

When Jesus calls himself the “Good Shepherd”, he is identifying with a widely used scriptural image for God’s care for us. Yet the image becomes deeper and more beautiful when we realize that Jesus also identifies with the sheep—us!

Five Stones
Pastor Scott Austin

In a message rich with visual imagery, we will explore the beauty of the gospel story using five stones from scripture, beginning with the stone rolled away from the tomb of Jesus.

Artists of the Gospel
Pastor Scott Austin

We conclude our series with one of the most powerful ideas of all: that the God of the universe calls us to participate with him as co-creators, bringing his beauty to the world around us!

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