Volunteering with RAIHN

RAIHN May 2020.jpeg
May 17th - 23rd

During this pandemic RAIHN and its 41 congregations have provided financial assistance, case management. and housing options for families in need in lieu of the previous program of using local churches for housing.

As of May 15 RAIHN has partnered with a local hotel to provide 1 - 4 families with housing during this time.

As part of Artisan’s participation in RAIHN, we are teaming with New Hope and Eastside Churches.  Our next rotation is scheduled for May 17 - 23 and we will be providing meals and other household items for families at this hotel during this week.   We may just be delivering basic disposable goods and gift cards, but will wait to see what works best for families involved.  RAIHN will be providing that information soon. 

Our normal sign up procedure will not be used, but if you or your family would like to be a part of this ministry, please contact Jeanne Proctor. Or donate directly to RAIHN to help during this time of extra financial need.