Message Series Archive


Artisan: A Parable – Pastoral Residency: Kristen Brown
Encountering God – Stories of Faith
Decorating Time – The Psalms of Artisan
Easter – Christ is Risen!
Change Your Mind! – A Lenten journey of repentance and evolving faith
Epiphany – Christ revealed


Christmastide – God, embodied
Advent – Waiting With Jesus
Beloved Community – Loving our neighbors as ourselves
Ordinary Time – Summer 2018 – Continuing our year in the Lectionary
The Church and the Governing Authorities – A Christian response to family separation
Ordinary Time – Spring 2018 – Continuing our year in the Lectionary
Easter – A Season of Resurrection
Lent – From ashes to celebration
Epiphany – Christ, realized


Christmastide – Christmas as a Season
Testifying to the King – Christ’s reign in our heart and in our world
Growing in Faith Together – Next steps for Artisan’s building
Fall Lectionary – Anchoring Rhythms
Series for Summer – Hearts Strangely Warmed
Journeying with John – Signs of Faith, Part Eleven
Being Christian – Artisan's Spring Read
Easter – Easter Sunday 2017
Journeying with John – Signs of Faith, Part Ten
Widows and Orphans – The call to care for the marginalized
2017 – Looking back, looking ahead


Advent 2016 – Advent and Christmas Eve 2016
The Second Law – The Book of Deuteronomy From a Christian Perspective
Mixtape 2016 – Music for the heart, soul, and mind
Deep Waters – Scripture, Prayer, and Service
Invitation & Welcome – Who is your +1?
Journeying with John – Signs of Faith, Part Nine
How to Read the Bible – (like a Christian)
Early Summer Special – Two very special weeks
Pentecost – The rushing wind of the Spirit
A Christlike God – How God is like Jesus, and why it matters
A Beautiful Gospel – Glad tidings for Eastertide 2016
Lent 2016 – Preparing our hearts for resurrection
Sending the Seventy-Two – What it means to follow Jesus
Give! – Open hands, open hearts


Winter Series – Reflections at Year's End
Advent – Anticipate Jesus
Our Next Decade: Roots – Reaffirming our foundational values
Our Next Decade: Beauty – Reaffirming our foundational values
Our Next Decade: Community – Reaffirming our foundational values
Our Next Decade: Justice – Reaffirming our foundational values
Baber Vist 2015 – Worshiping together as brothers and sisters
Our Next Decade: Awe – Reaffirming our foundational values
Journeying with John – Signs of Faith, Part Eight
Life Together – Artisan Summer Read 2015
Spring Series – A few standalone Sundays
Atonement – How Jesus Saves Us
Lent 2015 – Journeying With John (aka Signs of Faith Part Seven)
Healing and Harm – The church’s role in mental and physical health
Treasures in Heaven – Exploring Financial Faithfulness


Christmastide – Jesus at last!
Bind up the Brokenhearted – An Advent series about despair and hope in our city
Family of Abraham – Blessed to be a blessing
Philippians – Exhortations From Prison
Flannelgraph – The Old Testament story, in felt
Ferguson – A special current message about current events
Signs of Faith, Part Six – Experiencing John's Gospel
Artisan Summer Read – The Blue Parakeet
Signs of Faith, Part Five – Experiencing John's Gospel
Proclaim – Reimagining Evangelism
Easter – Celebrating Resurrection
Lent 2014 – The Problem Lies With Me
Faith at Work – Following Jesus “Beyond Our Walls”
Faith at Home – Following Jesus “Beyond Our Walls”


Advent and Christmas – A World in Need of a Savior
Ambassadors of Reconciliation – Faith, Race, and Our City
Gardening in Babylon – Living Faith Like an Exile
Beyond Our Walls – Our 2013-14 Thematic Thread
Reaching Out – Three Movements of the Spiritual Life
Loving God, the Jesus Way – Heart & Mind, Soul & Strength
Speaking of God – Metaphors and analogies for the divine
Signs of Faith, Part Four – Experiencing John's Gospel
Pentecost – 2013
Justice Rolls Down – The Bible’s many words on justice
Easter Sunday – Celebrating the resurrection!
Lent 2013 – Penitence and preparation
Deeply Rooted (Revisited) – Continuing to build on our calling
Signs of Faith, Part Three – Experiencing John's Gospel


Advent Conspiracy – Spend less, give more
Ancient Paths, New Shoes – Exploring Artisan’s Values
Signs of Faith, Part Two – Experiencing John's Gospel - Part Two
Artisan Mixtape – An eclectic mix, perfect for sharing with friends
Hospitality – Recovering a Lost Art
Proverbs – Extraordinary Wisdom for Ordinary Life
Signs of Faith – Experiencing John's Gospel