Growing in Faith Together

November 4 – November 25, 2018

As we near the end of 2018, we revisit the themes of our Growing in Faith Together campaign to expand and improve our building, making room for our children and increasing our accessibility and inclusion.

Message line-up:

Pastor Scott Austin
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As our church has grown, our children have grown up around us! This has made Artisan an exciting place to be. As we look ahead to our next decade (and beyond), we contemplate not only how to include our children, but how we turn our church over to them.

Pastor Scott Austin

We are dedicated to making Artisan a place of total welcome, and our building can and should be a big part of that welcome. By removing barriers to access and making all spaces more fully inclusive, we can invite all people to Christ’s feast table.

Pastor Scott Austin

In a growing church that is becoming more welcoming and inclusive, we rejoice in the fact that we will experience God’s Beloved Community together for years to come.

Experiencing Expansion

Sometimes 2D building plans can be confusing. So let’s try to experience the future of our building in 3D—with an interactive tour of the areas to be expanded, led by representatives of our expansion committee!

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