Beloved Community

Loving our neighbors as ourselves
September 9 – September 30, 2018

In this special fall series, we consider what it means to experience life together—both within our church community, and in the broader community where Artisan is placed. Inspired by MLK’s vision of a world without poverty, racism, or violence, we seek to align ourselves with God’s design for human flourishing.

Message line-up:

Rich and Poor Alike
Pastor Scott Austin

Care and concern for the poor begins with an acknowledgement that we are all equal in the essential human dignity that comes from being made by God. Once we learn this lesson, our care flows from interdependence rather than condescension.

A Stumbling Block to All
Pastor Scott Austin

One of the many ways the gospel levels the playing field between groups of people is that it confuses our sense of how the world should be ordered. We are all equally confused in Christ!

Fighting Words
Pastor Scott Austin

Jesus taught and lived a life of non-retaliation in the face of violence, echoing the words of the prophet Isaiah. Yet he also taught that our words can do violence, a point powerfully reinforced by the apostle James. Practicing true nonviolence requires a total change of heart.

Conflict and Craving
Pastor Scott Austin

Peacemaking is to be celebrated and practiced by all Christians. But what is it that drives us continually back into conflict? At least in part, it is our craving for more, more, more.

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