Treasures in Heaven

Exploring Financial Faithfulness
January 11 – January 18, 2015

To hear TV preachers tell it, financial faithfulness is simple: “Send your money to me, and God will bless you in return!” Most of us have no trouble rejecting this for the lie that it is, but then we are left to wonder: what does God want me to do with my money? In this series, we will explore the Bible’s fascinating, challenging, world-changing teachings on money, wealth, poverty, and faithful generosity.

Message line-up:

Consider the Lilies
Pastor Scott Austin

The first lesson we must learn about financial faithfulness is that God provides. Jesus taught this beautifully, evoking imagery from creation to demonstrate God’s providential care for his beloved people.

(Matthew 6:25–34)
As It Is in Heaven
Pastor Scott Austin

Perhaps surprisingly, it is The Lord’s Prayer that offers a definitive word on financial faithfulness: that money is a tool for accomplishing God’s will “on earth as it is in heaven”.

(Matthew 6:9–13)
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