Open hands, open hearts
January 24 – January 31, 2016

If our lives are devoted to following Jesus and working to see God’s will done “on earth as in heaven”, we will be people of deep generosity, always open to participating in whatever God is doing in our midst.

Message line-up:

Giving Is Good For You
Pastor Scott Austin

Following Jesus fully means loving God with everything we have. It means we store our treasure in heaven. And sometimes, it means we are asked to give up everything. But as the proverbs of Israel teach us, this way of life is for the good of our own souls.

Generous and Sacrificial
Pastor Scott Austin

One of the hardest questions to answer about giving is this: How much should we give? What is the “tithe”, and is it a binding rule for us? How do we apply ancient guidelines for giving in our modern society? There may be no definitive answer, but we do know without a doubt that we are all called to generosity and sacrifice.

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