Early Summer Special

Two very special weeks
May 29 – June 5, 2016

As we enjoy the warming air and lengthening days, we celebrate together as a community with two special services.

Message line-up:

Holiday BBQ&A
Pastor Scott Austin

An Artisan tradition: the BBQ&A! During the sermon time, Pastor Scott will be answering questions from the congregation about our recent series, the life of the church, and anything else on our minds. An all church cookout will follow worship.

Note! Only one service this day (at 10am)!

Made for Love
Carrie Starr

We are all seeking love and acceptance because we are made for relationships, but sometimes our past experiences teach us unhealthy ways to pursue that love. Feeling guilt and shame, we hide our true selves, resulting in the opposite of the true connection we are seeking.

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