Artisan’s small groups, called Greenhouses, are a place where Artisans can grow together toward authentic faith, practicing Artisan's values in a smaller context. Greenhouses are for people who are looking to deepen their connection with God and each other.

Each week, groups will delve into living out our faith together through scripture, prayer, and service.

Let us know if you're interested!

If you are interested in joining any of the following groups or would like to learn more, please email James.

Greenhouses during Lent 2019

During Lent, instead of running our usual Greenhouse small groups, we encourage joining the Rethinking Incarcaration read, which we are running along with other local churches in our community. It's a reading and discussion of Dominique Gilliard's Rethinking Incarceration, a book about the church and mass incarceration.

Please register your interest with us if you'd like to join the Rethinking Incarcaration read!

Newcomers are welcome at all groups!