Art Meditation

Sunday, August 13th

This Sunday we are doing our Art Meditation on an untitled piece by Mark Rothko created in 1951.

Framework for Art Meditation & Prayer

First, create a mental description of the artwork. Build a list of what you actually see. Look for recognizable objects. Consider what seems to be happening. What types of lines, colors, shapes, and textures do you see?

Next, explore the visual structure and the artist’s choices. How did the artist arrange the elements? Where does the emphasis seem to be? What stands out to you or captures your attention? Notice how your eye moves around the artwork. What areas make you stop for longer moments, or return frequently? How do the colors influence your attention? Which colors stand out to you? Why do you think that might be?

Next, work towards making meaning of what you see. What story might the artist be telling? What details help to add meaning? Does this work of art seem to express an emotion or mood? Does anything you have noticed in this work of art remind you of a personal experience? You could also consider Biblical or spiritual connections.

Finally, evaluate the artwork. This is where you make it personal, reflect, and pray. Based on your observations and interpretation, what stands out most to you? Why do you think the artist created this work? What have you discovered through this process? What is your personal opinion about this artwork? Reflect on any questions it has brought to mind. Spend time in silent meditation or prayer, based on your experiences with this observation process.